Monday, April 27, 2015

April Vacation

We did a lot of fun stuff over April Vacation.

On Monday we saw a movie. Sad to say, this is the kind of experience we've become accustomed to...popcorn, stuffed animals, fully reclining seats. We are spoiled!

On Tuesday, we went to the MFA with some friends.

We learned about pointillism...

...and did some wood block printing.

The results were very cool!

All that serious art making deserved a trip to the park to get the wiggles out!

On Wednesday, we took Elmo to the Aquarium to see the fish and meet some friends.

Afterwards, Maddy needed to play basketball. She's still having withdrawals from the (very sad) end to the NCAA tournament.

On Friday we stayed close to home and went to storyhour at the library.

And then later,  Maddy wanted to try to play tennis. This was fun for me too though, so I love that she seems to have caught the bug!

And finally, on Saturday I gave a presentation on architecture to Maddy's Girl Scout troop and led the kids in a design project. This is Maddy' design for a whale house. It's "big and cozy".

I think we had the right mix of outings and was a great week!

Monday, April 20, 2015

Quiet Weekend: Bubbles and Beach

Thank goodness spring is finally here! It's so nice to get outside.

Now we are just a little bit impatient for beach weather!

Thursday, April 16, 2015


Last weekend, Bob and I had the awesome opportunity to go to San Fransico and wine country (almost) for free! It was an opportunity that came up pretty suddenly through Bob's office. And lucky for us, Grandma and Grandfather were willing to come back up here to watch the kids. They'd just been here, so they basically just turned around and drove back!

So after a fun birthday night on the town for Bob on Friday (a Seinfeld show and a fancy steak dinner with the Cahoons), we went to the airport bright and early Saturday morning. Breakfast at Logan airport, then lunch next to the Bay Bridge.

We had Saturday afternooon to explore San Francisco and we had a gorgeous day for it. We didn't even see any of the fog we'd heard so much about.

We spent the afternoon walking around the waterfront, then took a cable car back to the hotel. We got to ride standing up on the outside of the car. It didn't feel entirely safe, especially when another cable car passed going in the other direction, but it was so much fun!

On Sunday, we took a ride across the harbor to a nearby town (Tiberon) for brunch. It was another beautiful day!

After brunch, we hit the road for our next destination, Sonoma. On the way, we stopped (and took a hair raising bus ride) to visit Muir Woods to see the giant redwood trees.

On Monday morning, Bob had to work a little bit to earn our keep. Then in the afternoon we met up for a vineyard tour and wine tasting.

On Tuesday morning, it was back to the airport.

Grandma and Grandfather did a great job of holding the fort down while we were away. Grandma even channelled her inner architect at Kids Build.

I think everyone had a fun weekend!

Thursday, April 09, 2015

Easter-Birthday Weekend

We had a really exciting weekend. It was Easter AND Bob's 40th birthday.

On Friday afternoon, we took advantage of Maddy's half-day at school and colored our Easter eggs. This year we made tie-dye eggs. The process was a little elaborate….

…but the results were very pretty.

On Saturday, Bob was in Taunton from going to his Fantasy Baseball draft the night before so Audrey got to tag along on Maddy's swim lesson. Turns out, Audrey is just the right size to store in the locker during the lesson.

After swim lessons we did some celebrating with Bob for his 40th birthday. I think he liked the mini drone we got for him, though we had to immediately get online and order some replacement propellers!

Then we met the Finley's at LaSiesta where "Pedro" got to wear the birthday sombrero.

After Bob's birthday dinner we went home to watch a basketball game that shall never be mentioned again. So onto happier Easter!

The Easter Bunny must have come while we were crying ourselves to sleep after the UK-Wisconsin game.

After all the Easter eggs were hunted, the kids put on their Easter dresses....

...even Elmo got gussied up for the holiday.

Grammy and Grandpa came up for brunch to celebrate with us.

And Kenny and Tricia brought even more presents! Including a lei that came all the way from Hawaii

And after Maddy ate her body weight in ham....

Bob got to enjoy the birthday treat he's been requesting for the last 12 years, an ice cream cake. (It took him 12 years because I have a philosophical problem with concept of an ice cream cake but I figured for his 40th, he was entitled.)

Happy Birthday Bob and Happy Easter!

Thursday, April 02, 2015

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Beach Days

He had two days this week wear we could take a walk on the beach. Unfortunately one day was sunny, but cold and windy....

...and one day was warmer, but raining!

But at this point, we're still pretty grateful for any weather that's not 22 degrees and snowing!