Sunday, January 18, 2015

Quiet Winter Weekend

We had ZERO plans this weekend, which was really really nice! We started out with some pancakes on Saturday morning. My sous chefs demanded chocolate chips in them.

After breakfast, we decided to renew our membership to the Museum of Science and see the new Mayan exhibit. It was really fascinating!

In the main exhibit hall, Maddy did her best "running from a dinosaur" impersonation. I think she could win an Oscar for her performance.

Then they checked out an old favorite, the space capsule.

Later at home, I decided to test out my new pasta roller (thanks to Patrick and Heather!) and make some homemade wontons. My team is always ready to take on a new cooking challenge!

On Sunday, we checked out a new restaurant in town. It was awesome! We'll definitely be going back.

And finally, we settled in for a movie before Bob commandeered the TV to watch the (Super Bowl bound!) Patriots.

It was a very relaxing weekend!

Friday, January 16, 2015

Fun Friday

I got to volunteer at Audrey's school and see her secret school life...

...and it was warm enough for a quick trip to the beach.

It was a great day!

Saturday, January 03, 2015

Back to Regular Life...

It's nice to have some downtime again! Too bad it's only warm enough to go to the park for ten minutes at a time!

Friday, January 02, 2015

Uncle Kenny's Big Day

After our whirlwind trip to Kentucky, Grandma flew up to Massachusetts the day after we returned.  Then, the next day we headed down to Plymouth for all the wedding festivities. We tried to squeeze in a lunch at the Lobster Hut but (much to Bob's disappointment) they were closed for the season. Elmo had to be satisfied with lunch at The Cabby Shack instead.

While the kids did have official flower girl duties to attend to, they still managed to spend every spare moment in the pool or the hot tub.

While Grandma and I were on kid duty, it was Bob's job to keep Uncle Kenny company (and calm!)

Soon it was time to head out to The Pinehills for the rehearsal.

"Reverend" Caporelli ran the show, and everything went pretty smoothly. The flower girls even did their serious walks, at the right speed, holding hands AND to the correct place! (That was a big relief. I half-way expected Maddy to back out at the last minute!)

Then it was time for some food….

…and some photos with the rest of the bridal party!

The next day, after a good long soak in the pool, it was time to get ready for the big event. Audrey was very into the idea of having her hair done and she took it VERY seriously!

The final result was pretty epic. (Poor Grandma had the thankless job of deconstructing this 'do!)

Maddy was skeptical at first, but I think she liked the final result. The braids made it look like herself. (Or at least a version of herself that involves a curling iron, a can of hairspray and sitting still for 45 minutes while someone fixes her hair!)

After we all got dressed, we went up to the bridal suite see Tricia.  She looked beautiful!

And while we finished up at the hotel, the guys headed over to The Pinehills. Kenny's looking a little nervous at this point!

Once the ladies arrived,  some formal portraits were taken in the (waning!) natural light. I'm sure the photos will be beautiful but damn it was so cold!

Then it was back to the lounge for a very long wait. Luckily, we had our laptop to watch movies on. And thank goodness for Grandma!

I was proud that they could entertain themselves for that long. The even dug out some dusty old books to look at. And they only spilled a minimal amount of food on their dresses!

Finally it was showtime. The girls did an awesome job, walking in ahead of Tricia. Sitting still (or not, looking at you, Audrey!) for the ceremony gave me a few gray hairs, but mercifully the ceremony was short!

Shortly after the ceremony, Grandma took the kids back to the hotel so that Bob and I could enjoy the reception. It was a great time! And we won't ever forget Tricia's amazing father daughter dance!

We're so happy for Kenny and Tricia! And we had such a fun time, but we were pooped afterwards!

Cheers to Kenny and Tricia. May they have a long, happy life together. Happy New Year!

Monday, December 29, 2014

Johnson Christmas Then Back on the Road!

This year our trip was a little short, so that we could get back to Massachusetts in time for Uncle Kenny's wedding. But luckily, we could still make it down to the Sherwood to celebrate Christmas with the Johnson's. But first, Maddy shot off some Stomp Rockets in the year. (Thanks Aunt Katie!)

And it was very important to wear our lucky UK apparel because they had a big game today….Louisville!

We got there before the game crowd filled the bar so that Audrey could have a drink with a friend.

The bar did fill up eventually and happily the Cats won!

After the game, and some ice cream…. was time for Maddy's favorite gift swap, Dirty Santa.

Unfortuately, poor Patrick had his gift stolen and had only one gift left on the table to choose, and it was a doozy! But at least a U of L flag does make good toilet paper.

Sunday morning came too quickly and we had to hit the road. The kids are such awesome road trippers now…all we have to do is throw a few donut holes into the back seat and they don't even make us stop for breakfast anymore.

Having a new friend in the backseat helped.

We typically take two days to get home, but we were making such great time we decided to push it (I think we were all excited about two nights in our own beds before heading to Plymouth for the wedding!) and made it to Winthrop by 10:30 at night. The kids were awesome! And I also have to thank gummy worms, DVDs on the laptop and Camper Van Beethoven for this amazing driving achievement!

Next up Uncle Kenny's wedding!

Friday, December 26, 2014

Shaker Village

On our one free day in Kentucky we decided to explore Shaker Village. I can't believe I'd never been there before but we had a beautiful day to walk around!