Sunday, August 23, 2015

Gloomy Weekend

We didn't have very summer-y weather this weekend, but we were not to be defeated! We went to the beach anyway.

Nahant Beach with the Finleys on Saturday.

(Audrey believes in leaving no grain of sand behind whens she leaves the beach.)

And on Sunday, we went tide-pooling again.

Fingers crossed we have better weather for the last week of summer before school starts.

Sunday, August 16, 2015

Maddy's Room Renovation

We had a quiet weekend so we took the chance to get Maddy's room organized before the school year starts. Of course this requires a trip to IKEA.

Sunday morning we got going bright and early to clear out Maddy's room. Some friends were found. We're calling this (gift from Uncle Patrick) "Terrifying" Elmo.

By the end of the day, Maddy had a new bed, a nice clean desk and a car-load less stuff cluttering in her room!

Not to mention, and extra special Ghostbusters charging station.

Friday, August 14, 2015

Bike Camp Week

Maddy had her second week of camp at the Franciscan Children's Hospital this week. We were used to the drill by now. So was Teddy, he knew to sing to Jordan every day.

In the mornings, the kids found time to do fun stuff, like play "airplane". I think they nailed it with the too-small trap tables and the cramped seating.

One morning some friends showed us how to go tide-pooling. It was so much fun and we saw tons of sea life. We'll definitely be back before the summer ends.

Audrey and I were splash pool-ed out this week, so while Maddy was at bike camp, we spent time at couple different branches of the Boston Public Library. The Allston branch was our favorite, mostly for the awesome chalkboard.

By the time Friday had rolled around, Maddy had made awesome progress on the bike.

And more importantly, she'd had so much fun!

Baseball Camp Week

Maddy had baseball camp at the Franciscan Children's Hospital this week. She'd been looking forward to it all summer!

This year the music circle was super fun and Teddy was back. It was very tolerant of  Audrey crashing the circle, even being nice enough to sing "hello" to her turtle Jordan.

Maddy got a lot of batting practice.

Audrey and I had fun killing time at the local splash pool.

On Friday, the kids got a visit from the Canaligator.

It was a great group of kids!

And a great week!

Saturday, August 08, 2015

Nahant Beach

Today, we checked out a new beach with the Smith-Felners. I can't believe we've lived in Winthrop for more than ten years without having gone to Nahant Beach!

On the way, we made a quick pit stop to see the sand sculptures at Revere Beach which had miraculously survived all the thunderstorms we had this week!

They were pretty impressive!

Nahant Beach was awesome! It's definitely our new favorite beach! It's gentle enough for Audrey to enjoy.

But with enough surf to keep the bigger kids entertained as well!

The sand was pretty awesome too!

After we knocked the sand off of us, we went back to Winthrop to have some seafood for lunch.

Can't wait to go back to Nahant Beach!

Friday, August 07, 2015

Feeding the Birds

Today we went up to the Ipswich River Sanctuary with some friends take a walk and feed the birds. Audrey drew the first bird….

…(it tickles!)

But after that first bird, it was Maddy who seemed to have the magic touch.

Oh well. Audrey got over being dissed pretty quickly sitting on her rock.

Aside from the birds, there were tons of wildlife to see. Turtles, bugs, squirrels. There was even a rumor about a snake! It was a fun day!

Thursday, August 06, 2015

Rainbow(s) and Storm Clouds

How often do you see a rainbow when you are actually wearing rainbow pants!

Wednesday, August 05, 2015

Big Day!

It had been so long since we'd been to a beach, we decided to meet some friends there today. The water was a little brisker than we were used to, but going with Daniela made up for the cold temperatures.

Plus Audrey "bird menace" Carroll got to observe of whole circle of life thing going on between the seagulls and the crabs. Fascinating!

Maddy and Melina had a fun time too.

And as if that weren't enough excitement for one day, Audrey got her library card today too! She'd been practicing writing her first and last name all the way to South Carolina and back and all her hard work finally paid off!


Back at home now and Maddy wanted to hit the tennis courts.

The jet airplanes are just a tad distracting!