Sunday, November 22, 2015

Girls Weekend 2015

Aunt Katie and Grandma just came in for our annual Girls Weekend. Aunt Katie flew out of Chicago at a very opportune time, right before the first snowfall of the year! She got to Boston on Friday morning, in time for lunch.

Friday afternoon was warm and gorgeous, so after Maddy got out of school we took a walk around Belle Isle to enjoy the sunset.

Saturday morning, we had some time to time before we had to head into Boston so Grandma decided to experiment with her breakfast foods. Maddy is understandably skeptical, but the "egg in a nest" turned out to be quite tasty!

After breakfast we all got dressed up and headed into Boston...

…to see Elf the Musical!

It was awesome, so much fun! Even Audrey was able to sit through most of it.

Afterwards we had our mandatory post-show dinner at Maggiano's.

On Sunday, Aunt Katie had to head back to Chicago but Grandma had another day to visit so we took her to the mall and let her take a lap. The Christmas decorations were up….

…and Audrey wanted to have a visit with Santa. Because we weren't buying the photos, his lap was off limits, (that's the Christmas spirit!) but a least she got to introduce him to Elmo.

We had such a nice weekend! We're so glad Grandma and Aunt Katie could come visit!

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Skating Camp

This week was the last ice skating class of the year and both kids had such a great season. Maddy improved a lot over last year.

Playing hockey was definitely her favorite.

Audrey was quite the natural at ice skating and Courtney was a great teacher.

And being low to the ground is a pretty good advantage as well!

While they were both sad to see it end, they had a blast with Blades today!

(Especially when hijinks ensued.)

It was a great ice skating season!

Sunday, November 15, 2015

Belle Isle

Softball Banquet

Maddy's end of year softball banquet was on Saturday. It was great to reunite with her teammates, and have some pizza and chinese food!

Coach D. and Coach Nick were both there and all the girls got medals.

And then it was time to boogie down. Maddy and Audrey got their "whip and nae nae" on, whatever that means. (I am officially old.)

And also, cupcakes!

We are so proud of all Maddy accomplished last year. She can't wait for next season.

Monday, November 02, 2015

Sunday, November 01, 2015

Halloween Weekend

We had an awesome Halloween weekend. The festivities began on Friday when Owl Girl had to keep her preschool safe from crime, and also party with some other four-year-olds. There was also a parade that was as adorable as you'd expect a dozen costumed four-year-olds to be.

Maddy's third grade had a party as well. (She was Willy Wonka again for this event.)

On Friday night, we met some friends for trick-or-treating at Winthrop Center.

On Saturday, we rested up during the day for the main event and went out as soon as it got dark.

A lot of the houses in our neighborhood went all out with their decorations. I'm actually kind of glad that Halloween is over, with Audrey's overactive imagination keeping her up at night!

After we collected the requisite ten pounds of candy per child we went home for some Chinese food and a viewing of Young Frankenstein. It wasn't one of our more appropriate parenting decisions, but it seems to have struck a chord with the kids. Spinning bookcase and Frau Bl├╝cher jokes are still pretty rampant in our house. And I knew there would be trouble when Audrey asked me to spell "Freshly Dead" so that she could scare her sister.

It was a great Halloween!

Monday, October 26, 2015

Spooky (Bingo) Weekend

We are in Halloween mode this week, and on Friday Maddy only had a half day at school so we could get a jump start on our Halloween-y weekend. We started by painting pumpkins. The kids decided to dress up their pumpkins to match their costumes this year: Owl Girl and Minion. (Minion needed a little more time to dry before he got completed.)

I also had to squeeze in some emergency pear preserve making to use up all the pears that the kids picked with Grandma and Grandfather last weekend. (Six hours later.....)

Saturday morning, we had to do some baking. Someone foolishly volunteered to bake three dozen brownies for Spooky Bingo. Luckily I had help, Audrey is a world class egg cracker! She cracked ten eggs and no shells!

And Maddy had time to finish her Minion pumpkin. (And Audrey had time to photobomb Maddy's photo.)

On Sunday, we got all costumed-up for Spooky Bingo. Owl Girl feels most comfortable in high places.

And Minion and Gru were clearly up to no good.

Spooky Bingo was a lot of fun, though when you work the bake sale, you never know what kind of yahoos you are going to have to serve.

It was a good test run for the costumes. Owl Girl can fly!

The weather was so nice and warm after bingo that we decided to take a walk at Deer Island.

It was a great spooky weekend. I think we are ready for Halloween.